Blind Tiger Dames: Du Val de Vire

I was honored to be the exclusive photographer for the Blind Tiger Dames inaugural show, Du Val de Vire. The show was held on Friday February 12 at the Belcourt Theater, and promised to be a spectacle rarely seen in the way of Nashville performing arts. It did not disappoint. Here are some of my best shots. Note: these photographs are copyrighted and cannot be used in any medium without express permission from the photographer. Please email or call if you are interested in using these photographs in print, publication, or online.

Thank you to the performers, and especially to Sunny, who trusted me to capture the most exciting moments of the show. I know she and Laura put so much work into designing the show, and the performers worked day and night to bring the best possible performance to the Nashville audience. Thank you again!

Vaudeville Photography Nashville
Nashville Performance Photography
Nashville Juggler Jacob Weiss keeps the crowd wowed
Aerial Hoop performance by Sunny Becks
Isis Wings combine to create butterfly effect
Gabrielle does a tango with her quarrelsome lover
Stunning Silks performance
Aerial Hoop performance by Fiona
Hula Hoop Friendship Number
Hula Hoop performance
Laura sings her heart out on stage
Sassy closing cabaret number by Nashville dancers

February 19, 2010 - 1:36 pm

Valerie - Holy moly! Soooo beautiful! I am sold on the BTD and have started rabble rousing in my office to see whatever their next endeavor is!

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